How to get started in 2 minutes


1. Purchase & Install

Purchase Skytop Theme from ThemeForest. Go to Appearance → Themes → Upload Themes and select skytop.zip and hit install. After installation is completed activate Skytop.



2. Choose & Install your Demo

After Skytop is installed go to WordPress admin panel click on Appearance → Installer. You will see a screen with all our demos. Click “install” button bellow your preferable demo. That’s it!



3. Customize & Ready to Go!

After the demo you choose is installed click demo name on the top bar. From there choose Edit page → Edit with Discordia Editor. You can now start replacing the demo content with your own. Easy!


Discordia Editor – Fast. Light. Intuitive!

Discordia Editor is very intuitive and easy to use front-end WordPress pagebuilder
which allow you to receive instant feedback with every single change you make.
Build beautiful websites without using a single line of code!

  • Create or Open Page

    Create a standart blank page from WordPres Admin Panel or open already existing page.
  • Activate Editor

    From the top WordPress Admin Bar choose edit → Discordia Editor. The editor appears.
  • Build Your Page

      Start filling your new page with   content or edit / replace already existing content.
  • Add Final Touches

    Add waypoint animations, choose page loader and pixel perfect the distance between elements.
  • Save Your Page

    Save your changes from the “save” button. Your page is ready. Congratulations!
Narrow the content in the center of the page.
Responsive grid container that holds shortcodes.
Block for separating content into columns.
Magic gap elements which helps you in many ways.
Separate content into multiple horizontal tabs.
Separate content into multiple horizontal tabs.
Well styled title and description.
Add a block of text to your page.
Place a button that can lead to website, page or file.
Display image with cool caption text on it.
Gallery that can contain images, videos or custom html.
Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
Short description of the services you offer.
Step by step description of your work process.
Business card for a member of your team.
Powerful chart with a lot of variations and options.
Easy pie chart to show your skills, progres, etc.
A progress bar that can show level of your skills.
Counter that can be used to display your achievments.
Compare price and features of your service plans.
PayPal integration to help you sell your items online.
Display multiple icons with hyperlinks.
Show your previous work inside our awesome portfolio.
Quote the kind words from your customers and partners.
Display logos of companies you’ve worked with.
Image slideshow that can be used for various purposes.
HTML slideshow that can be used for various purposes.
Premium slider with endless posibilities.
Customizable google maps with 13 styles available.
Add custom WordPress menu to your page.
Add one of the default WordPress widgets.

Not Convinced Yet? Test drive our editor!

Menu Position

Skytop comes with 3 different options to position your horizontal menu

  • Fixed Top
  • Fixed Bottom
  • Static Top

*Hover over the browser windows to preview menu position.

Hidden & Transparent Menu

Skytop provides you with ability to hide navigation until certain point of the website is reached. Most common that point is the end of the full screen header, but it can be set everywhere else. There is also an option which provides you with ability to make the background of vertical menu transparent until certain point of the website is reached.

*Hover over the browser windows to preview hidden & transparent menu.